About us


Our mission is to combine information (data) resources with IT systems in such a way that they become available quickly, in one place and useful for everyone.



Our mission is carried out through the Witcloud analytical system, which mediates in the process of data processing between the IT systems, among others

  • Popular platforms, e.g. online stores, systems with API

  • Internal systems

  • Internal data sources delivered txt, csv, xml, etc.

  • Popular IT systems for the purchase of advertising, e.g. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bid Manager

By standardizing data integration processes, automation of data processing processes and marketing processes, we are moving away from enterprise solutions and carrying out our mission.



We are a small but very harmonious team. Together, we work on all projects and help each other solve everyday problems and challenges. However, we do not like boring, repetitive work. That is why we try to automate standard processes which allows us to focus on devising strategies and searching for new and better solutions. Each of us is learning something new every day. We work in an industry that is dynamically developing all the time. Thanks to this we know how to use the latest opportunities.

It is important for us that we are not a corporation. Our office is cozy and colorful.