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Data Architecture, Analytics and Integration Platform in Big Query based on Google Cloud Solutions. Start building your Marketing Data Warehouse now.

Oskar Maciejek - founder, Head of Data Architecture & Technology

We assist our clients in gathering the necessary data. First, we make sure of their quality, next we process them using the latest technologies, ultimately delivering a comprehensive environment for analysis and reporting. If this is already true for your business, we will automate all processes responsible for boosting profits and building a competitive advantage.

Oskar Maciejek - founder, Data Engineer & Analyst


Every business has its needs and requires a case-by-case approach. We offer to support your company in developing its analytical environment from the ground up or assist the more advanced technological processes in this field. See the list below to let us know where you are and how we could help you.

Researching and auditing your business

We arrange a meeting to familiarise ourselves with your needs and problems that require solving. Next, we perform a comprehensive check of the analytical tools of configuration settings, i.e. Google Analytics, Doubleclick. We also conduct a meticulous audit of technical implementations within the website or in the Google Tag Manager tool.


Once we are familiar with the daily operations of your business as well as its analytical history, we are free to create a dedicated implementation and analytics plan. This can turn out to be the recovery plan or one streamlining the current implementations. We customize it for you so that it becomes realistic and relatively easy to execute.

Implementation of the analytical plan

For the plan to be successfully implemented depends on smart and efficient cooperation between the client and WitBee. This is the stage of testing, debugging and supporting the IT department so that it can process the technical implementation faster. Having accomplished that we move on to implementing analytics with the use of the Google Tag Manager which is usually done by Witbee team without the need to re-engage the IT department.

Preparation of entry level reports

With the analytical plan implemented your business is probably already collecting good quality data arising from the interaction of the user and the website. We use this data to prepare entry-level reports and dashboards tailored to your organisation. However, in order to make more accurate decisions, we need to work on integrating the data with other sources such as CRM which provide us with order status.

Integration of the remaining data

How to calculate the actual cost of customer acquisition or sales if we do not have information on costs or order statuses from CRM? You need integration for this. We integrate and process all data that can enrich analyzes and extend basic reports. In other words, we are building the Marketing Data Warehouse in your company that can be used for advanced analysis and optimization of advertising At this stage, we use the Google Cloud Platform environment which includes the BigQuery tool, which allows us to use your data safely, efficiently and cost-effectively. Using this data as reference, we work on the following points: media and cost data from online marketing channels; customer's internal systems, i.e. CRM, ERP; external systems, e.g. sales data from Allegro

Ready made solutions and integrations

We own and develop our analytical platform, which shortens the time of integration of the data regarding users behaviours, media activity costs and internal systems information. The enterprise solutions can take up to several weeks or even months to implement, whereas our platform is able to help you integrate this process in just a few days. Check WitCloud.

Advanced reports

By integrating online and offline data, we are able to produce reports which answer more complex questions which leads to better decision making. From this standpoint you can track your income versus your outgoings. We use a number of approaches to analyse your data which include dimensions such as source/medium, devices and geographical location etc.

Optimisation and automation

We convert your data and utilise for online marketing. This includes the integration with favoured and effective systems such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Search Ads 360(DoubleClick Search) among others. If we identify opportunities to automate processes or use Machine Learning we use Google Cloud Environment to execute this.

We share knowledge with your company constantly

Staff re-training can occur at any stage of our cooperation. We conduct workshops comprising of three levels: focus groups, two-to-three days recurrent courses and a 4-month course in Marketing Masters which prepares participants for the online marketing profession. You can find more in our education section

Why you can trust us:

  • We are experienced in media and marketing so we know what and for what you need data

  • We have done a lot of advanced analytical implementations what is confirmed with few of our testimonials

  • We are Google Cloud Certified

  • We do IT stuff so we are not afraid of technical implementation

What our partners think about us:

WitBee knows how to collect, integrate, process, analyse and effectively use data in Google Marketing & Cloud Platform environment. Our cooperation has enabled us to build an analytical culture and make data-driven decisions. This has been proven by increasing sales and reducing costs in marketing activities and simultaneous optimization of user experience in their full path. Based on long-term collaboration, implementation of Google Analytics 360 and media optimisation I can fully recommend WitBee as a business partner and knowledge provider.

Adam Skręt

Digital & Performance Director

Together with WitBee, we have been working on an Internet project in the area of digital analytics and media which is very important to us. We have already managed to implement full analytics tailored to our organization at the operational and strategic levels. We optimize our media campaigns efficiently on the basis of correctly collected data. Additionally, WitBee advises us in strategic decisions regarding the development of our online activities.We strongly recommend a partner like WitBee to everyone.

Elżbieta Wyszyńska-Maj

Specialty Solutions Sales & Marketing Coordinator Poland

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