Performance Media & Strategy

We focus on increasing your profit. That's why we use mostly auction media where can can optimize campaigns based on real, analytics and company data.

Łukasz Piątek - founder

Complex solutions should lead to simple results. Most often, straightforward solutions generate the most profit, but you have to know which and when to choose

Łukasz Piątek - founder


Based on our experience, we know that each project has a different business model, different margin, and different level of advancement. This requires an individual approach and selection of appropriate media tools and strategies. First and foremost, it's the profit that counts - spending more money usually doesn’t lead to better results. We run advertising campaigns in channels that are the most effective. We operate in the Google Ads, Ads 360, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn channels

Preparing a business for the implementation of a marketing strategy

Do not kid yourself. You will not get better results right away. Good marketing requires appropriate preparation. First, we devise a dedicated strategy for your business, then we prepare specifications for the necessary implementations and thank’s to our experience in the IT area - we can help in the implementation. Only when we have a properly prepared environment can we go on to create a campaign.

Campaign launch and optimization

Based on the plan, we create structures and run campaigns. We focus primarily on the most important elements, so that our marketing activities will translate into your profits as quickly as possible. We also watch over daily optimization and constant increases.

Supplying the system with data

The more data the better you can optimize your campaigns. We know about it, and you? That's why we can help you create a full analytics environment in your company . What's more, we realize that the necessary implementations can last for weeks, but ... we have our own analytical platform Witcloud , which reduces the time of data integration. The platform helps to enrich online data, connect to your internal and external systems and manage cost import.

Optimization 2.0 based on business data

After the integration, it is possible to analyze and advanced media optimization based on your business data. It gives us the opportunity to create more complex structures and perfectly matched campaigns. Thanks to this, we focus on making you earn money!


at this stage, we design structures with integrated data from the client's internal tools, online data stream and external data systems, e.g. Allegro. We implement solutions that automate campaigns based on data.

We share knowledge with your company constantly

employee education can occur at any stage of cooperation. We share knowledge, acting on three levels: Dedicated training, two-three-day cyclic courses and a 4-month course preparing for work in the online marketing profession. You can learn more on our education section.

Why you can trust us:

  • our company is a small team, not a large company or corporation that has its own rules

  • Witbee was founded by people who created departments on the side of media agencies, and who trained agency specialists, e.g. Google Partners. The Management Board fully knows and understands the problems from the executive side

  • we have a team of certified specialists from the Google Cloud platform

  • we create technological solutions, including our own analytical platform

  • we have Google Partner status

  • we are a co-creator of 2 educational projects: Semcamp University, Marketing Masters

  • we work in partnership, focusing on education and long-term relationships, we do not focus on "mass making Google Ads"

  • within 3 years since the foundation of the company, we have achieved specific successes on large projects, which is confirmed by references and Case study

Have a look what our clients says about us

WitBee knows how to collect, integrate, process, analyse and effectively use data in Google Marketing & Cloud Platform environment. Our cooperation has enabled us to build an analytical culture and make data-driven decisions. This has been proven by increasing sales and reducing costs in marketing activities and simultaneous optimization of user experience in their full path. Based on long-term collaboration, implementation of Google Analytics 360 and media optimisation I can fully recommend WitBee as a business partner and knowledge provider.

Adam Skręt

Digital & Performance Director

Together with WitBee, we have been working on an Internet project in the area of digital analytics and media which is very important to us. We have already managed to implement full analytics tailored to our organization at the operational and strategic levels. We optimize our media campaigns efficiently on the basis of correctly collected data. Additionally, WitBee advises us in strategic decisions regarding the development of our online activities.We strongly recommend a partner like WitBee to everyone.

Elżbieta Wyszyńska-Maj

Specialty Solutions Sales & Marketing Coordinator Poland

Do you need help?

We can support you in marketing campaigns - think them up, create strategy, set and optimize. We can also educate your team. We are flexible and we know how to help you. Click the button below to contact us.