Do you use Analytics Premium 360?
Do you need accurate analytics at a high level?
Do you have data limit problems?

Witcloud is a data integration system based on Google Cloud platform tools

Do you use Google Analytics Premium?
Are you wondering what's next?
Do you want to use its full capabilities?

Do not have Google Analytics Premium?
Having a Google Analytics data limit problem?
Do you have a problem importing data to Google Analytics?

Streaming control data to BigQuery

Collect, process and analyze data just like in Google Analytics 360. Forget about data limits. Use unlimited amounts of custom dimensions and metrics. Start building your ideal analytics environment at BigQuery...

...but if you have 360...

The data stream to BigQuery is just the beginning. Take control of your data, organize it and adapt it to your and your organization's needs.

Integration of CRM data and your own other systems

Regardless of whether you already have data in BigQuery using Analytics 360 or by the data stream, you will be able to easily integrate data with your CRM database, storehouse or any other system, with media data such as Google Ads or Facebook. Learn about the entire path of your users' behavior and find out which activities actually bring you real money.

Visualization of Big Query data in Google Data Studio

One of the principles of web analytics is the use of simple and clear reports that will easily allow you to make important business decisions. Thanks to the full data control in BigQuery you have much more opportunities than you can find in standard reports. We want you to use effective solutions ideally suited to your needs.

WitCloud is currently in the Beta version and we implement it individually for interested companies. If you would like to check its possibilities in your own business now, all you need to do is contact us. We are happy to talk about how to improve your analytics and adapt to your needs. Do not wait - start making business decisions based on full data right now!